An aussie perspective on relocating to France

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In February this year, a family of 5 (Katie, G and their 3 children) and their 2 dogs moved from Melbourne Australia to Dordogne, France. I was excited to be able to help them in a small yet significant part of their journey by searching and securing for them a 6 month rental for the start of their adventure.

I wanted to share the link to the blog that Katie has started on her adventures so you can get an insider’s view of the trials and tribulations of moving to France.

Here’s what Katie says about her blog (and about us, aw shucks) – My husband, kids, dogs and myself left Australia for France in Feb 2011. I’m writing this blog to share the high’s and low’s of our ‘tree change’. Our move was greatly helped along by the Getaway Guru from Australia, Leanne Anderson! Through her connections in France, she was able to find for us our gorgeous rental home. Moving to France was stressful enough; but Leanne calmly took over all of the house search and negotiating, answered all of our questions, and co-ordinated everything to secure the house for us. Without her help, I’m not sure we would have got here at all!

You’ll come to hear a lot more about Katie’s experiences via this blog but here’s the link to her blog on Life in France from an Aussie perspective.

And if you’re thinking about relocating to France – Tip #1 – be prepared for a lot of paperwork.

Happy planning.

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