How to buy an apartment in Paris

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how to buy an apartment in Paris

Do you harbour dreams of buying and owning an apartment in Paris? A pied-à-terre that you can call your own? Well it seems I am not alone in my Paris apartment dreams. A quick google search of the term will return pages of links to blogs, books and sites full of information and advice for the Paris bound apartment hunter, just like you and me!

And after receiving frequent requests from readers, I thought I would collate the resources and links I advise for those who may be considering such a quest.

But before we proceed….

Disclaimer: I have not bought an apartment in Paris nor am I qualified to assist and it is not a service I offer. This post is a collation of resources based on my experience with holiday rental owners who have purchased a Paris apartment and shared their story with me and from friends who have made initial enquiries. The advice is, of course, general in nature.

Taking a reality check

Like all dreams, a test of logic and reality is always advised if you plan on bringing the dream to life.

I direct all Paris apartment wanna-be owners to two great sites/posts to get them thinking:

  1. Lisa Anselmo, author of ‘My (part-time) Paris Life‘ has an excellent post – “So you want to buy a place in Paris?”. Lisa has some excellent ‘been there, done that‘ advice and tips and I highly recommend you read the post, bookmark it and revisit it frequently. Her biggest tip (and mine too) – Get Help!
  2. It is also well worth reading the blog post “The top 10 mistakes made when buying an apartment in Paris” (Part 1 and 2) from the Girls Guide to Paris site. The post explains some of the traps than can catch the unwary who lose themselves in the fantasy and neglect to fully consider the realities of the ‘how’ of actually making the purchase.

Taking action

Hopefully when you read the blog posts above, you embraced the VIP tip – Get Help. If so, here’s the people and/or agencies that I recommend you make contact with to make some initial enquiries about getting assistance along your Paris apartment ownership journey.

buying an apartment in Paris
Adrian Leeds

Adrian is the doyenne of Paris apartment purchases. Via her company, the Adrian Leeds Group (which is also regularly featured on House Hunters International) Adrian provides comprehensive property services for Anglophones who want to live, work or invest in France.

Her team of experts can assist you with every aspect of your Paris apartment purchase…from locating the property, to contract-signing, finding financing, renovating and decorating, setting up utilities, and then renting the property on a short or long term basis.

And perhaps consider ‘fractional ownership’ if your budget won’t stretch to solo ownership. As explained on the Adrian Leeds website, Fractional Ownership is:

A hybrid of direct ownership and time sharing, (and) combines the best elements of both. The primary differences are that while timeshares involve many shares in a large complex with “resort” amenities and costs built specifically for that purpose, fractional ownership is joint ownership by only a few individuals in a single property whose value can easily be determined on the open market. 

See some of the properties currently for sale here and some of the fractional ownership opportunities here.

Paris Perfect

Paris Perfect have been investing in Paris real estate for almost 25 years, having bought and sold a number of apartments during this time and they’ve learned a lot about the Paris real estate market. They have some helpful articles on their site sharing some key principles and tips about investing in Paris properties, including hints on what to look for in terms of location in Paris, how to find the dream apartment, real estate tricks, remodeling and furnishings tips, mistakes and more.

They can be contacted about assisting you in your journey and some of their current listings for sale can also be found here.

Cobblestone Paris Rentals

After kickstarting their rental business with their own Paris apartment purchase, Ryan and Jennifer from Cobblestone Paris Rentals are now able to assist others who may also want to purchase their dream property in Paris. Again, lots of answers to frequently asked questions can be found on their site and they offer services in pre-screening hundreds of properties, and doing most of the footwork in advance for you. They’ll help narrow down the choices to a few excellent options and schedule for you to see them.

Australian sites and resources

where to stay in Paris
If you’re an Australian, then you’ll be pleased to learn that there are also Australian based contacts who can assist you in your Paris property purchase.

French Desire

French Desire, run by Australians Sharon and David Stratford, has a range of properties places for sale in France by English speaking real estate agents (immobilier) and direct property owners.

Whilst many of the properties for sale are outside of Paris, it is worth speaking to David and Sharon about their experiences buying in France and perhaps being connected with someone from their network of trusted contacts who may be able to assist.

Michael Bula

Michael Bula of MBS (Michael Bula Solicitors) is a recognised expert in French property matters and receives referrals from French diplomatic and consular posts in Australia, law firms and accountants, amongst other sources.

MBS guides prospective purchasers as well as vendors through the entire property transaction process and offers its clients lists of English-speaking real estate agents, accountants, building surveyors, banks and finance brokers, amongst others to provide a full service.

Do you dream of your own Paris apartment? Any friends who’ve made a Paris apartment purchase? Share your/their story!

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