4 amazing house boat holiday rentals in Europe

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Remember when our accommodation decisions revolved around which hotel was the best choice? You may be even ‘old’ enough to remember accommodation catalogues, where you’d pore over pages of hotel listings deciding which ones to call (or so I’m told!).

With the digital age, we ushered in a plethora of accommodation choices available to us.  We waded into an online world where the choices of accommodation/accommodation providers became endless and included hotels, serviced apartments, holiday rentals and home exchanges, just to name a few!

Well now I’m going to add another layer of complexity for you. Today I’m introducing you to the world of ‘out of the ordinary‘ holiday rentals. And by out of the ordinary I mean:

  • yurts
  • tents
  • treehouses
  • boats
  • Kombi vans.

To kick us off, I’m going to introduce you to houseboat holiday rentals (watch out for posts on other unique holiday rental options!). I think there’s something romantic about sleeping on the water so I wanted to show you just how easy it is to book a ‘floating bed‘. And to add to the magic, I’ve found you some incredible houseboat holiday rentals in some magical European cities.


1st cab off the rank, so to speak, is a houseboat in, what for me is the most magical of European cities, Paris. Imagine stepping out onto the terrace of your Paris houseboat and gazing upon the Eiffel Tower – how incredible! If you like the idea of a houseboat in Paris, you’ll be spoilt for choice as this is just one of many listings on Airbnb, so do your research to find the best one for you!

houseboat in Paris airbnb
Your Parisian houseboat with an Eiffel Tower backdrop!


I think Chris, the owner of this amazing property listed on Welcome Beyond, can tell you what makes this Berlin houseboat special….

“The view from the boat is really amazing and the light changes throughout the day. When you wake up, all you will see from your bed is the water and a few ducks passing by. The evenings are also beautiful with the sun setting and all the lights of the city slowly appearing”.

You may never want to disembark! But if/when you do, be assured that you’re moored in such a great location with public transport only 5 minutes away to whisk you into Berlin central.

Berlin houseboat welcome beyond
This Berlin houseboat sleeps 4 and is luxuriously stylish too!


This rebuilt Dutch Clipper provides luxury living with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is moored on a pier near Battersea and Chelsea. Listed on Airbnb the property has an incredible number of good reviews and offers great access to Battersea High Street, where there are plenty of eating and English pub options to enjoy.

London houseboat airbnb
Enjoy your stay on this luxury houseboat with great access to local pubs and restaurants


Amsterdam is famous in part for its canals so how incredible to be able to experience it from the water with this houseboat holiday rental. This incredible 3 bedroom loft style houseboat puts you in the heart of the action with the Albert Cuyp market and the Rijksmuseum only walking distance away. Another Airbnb listing it has great reviews and would make for a wonderful stay. Make sure you make time to enjoy a coffee on the houseboat terrace.

amsterdam house boat airbnb
Great views and a great location in this Amsterdam houseboat holiday rental!


Do you/would you enjoy sleeping on water?



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