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Getaway Guru specialises in Australian and New Zealand owned holiday rentals and enables travellers (primarily Australian and NZ’ers) to make contact and book directly with owners.


From the owners perspective:

You have your own website and you’re also probably listing your property on many of the global listing sites – you’ve got your marketing channels covered.

But are you finding that you’re getting lost in the sheer volume of listings on some of the large listing sites?

The attraction of Getaway Guru is that we are bespoke (I know, a fancy word for small!) – we’re a niche site. Your property will only be 1 of almost 110 listings (as at 2015) making it easier for Australian and NZ travellers to find you!

It enables you to tap into a ready market of people who are actively seeking properties and who love the idea of ‘australian/NZ’ owned – I know because they tell me so!

From the travellers/guests perspective:

It’s a busy and overwhelming world of online holiday rentals. Travellers are overwhelmed with the array of search results they get and for a lot of sites, all of the transaction is conducted online. Which for some travellers, can be off-putting.

Getaway Guru offers travellers the opportunity to connect with the owners, with the ability to pick up the phone and chat. They find this reassuring and ‘easy’.

Standing out from the crowd

We’re making it easier for Australian and NZ travellers to find your property as we market to an Australian and NZ audience. We  advertise in niche magazines (ie French Provincial);  in the traveller section of major Australian newspapers in addition to other media and publicity activities; we’re active across social media forums (instagram, facebook and twitter), send out fortnightly/monthly newsletters and blog on a regular basis to keep subscribers informed and inspired.

Even if you have your own website or advertise on other owner direct websites, Getaway Guru offers you to ability to target Australians and New Zealanders specifically, benefiting from our marketing of the site and promotion of properties listed with us and therefore maximising your bookings and referrals from Australian and NZ travellers.

What other property owners are saying:

We have been approached over the years by many people re listing the properties but yours has features such as only listing those owned by Australians, and aiming at Australians travelling, that interest us. Jenny (3 properties in France, August 2010)

In the meantime, we have already received a fully paid booking from our listing with you, so your fee has already been paid for, which is rather wonderful. Hopefully the start of many bookings (Owner, Italy, June 2011)

How do enquiries and bookings operate?

All contact with prospective clients for specific enquiries about your property, availability, bookings etc is directly with you. Each property page features a ‘contact owner‘ button which will direct all enquiries to you (and indicate that the enquiry has come via the Getaway Guru site).

We understand and appreciate that the relationship between property owner and guest is important and that the ability to build a trusting relationship is vital in ensuring a positive booking and stay experience.

We do all we can to support this process.

What does listing with Getaway Guru cost?

We offer two listing fee options for Property Owners to choose from:

Option 1 – Annual listing fee

With this option, owners pay

  • a one-off administration fee of $50
  • the annual up-front listing fee of $240 per annum (i.e. $20 per month).

For owners of more than 1 property, we offer a sliding fee scale where you pay $120 p/a per property for every additional property you list with us (i.e. $10 per month).

The one-off adminstration fee is levied when you initially list to cover the costs of loading your property photos and information for your property listing.

Thie annual listing fee means you pay up-front with no further fees throughout the year and renewable on an annual basis (note administration fee is a one off payment only when you list).

Please note, if you choose Option 1, you are free to switch to Option 2 at any time your listing comes up for renewal (ie on an annual basis).

Option 2 – Free listing*, fee per booking

With this option, owners pay nothing on an ongoing basis to list their property/ies on Getaway Guru. There is a one-off* administration fee of $50 levied when you initially list to cover the costs of loading your property photos and information for your property listing. There are no further costs until a booking is secured via the site.

When a booking is secured via an enquiry through the Getaway Guru site, we will then levy a 10% booking fee.

How it works:

  • The guest submits an enquiry for your property via the Getaway Guru website
  • You liaise with the guest to provide information and to finalise bookings
  • The guest confirms their booking with you (and pays a deposit as per your booking processes)
  • Getaway Guru sends you a list of enquiries for the previous month/s. You confirm who has booked
  • Getaway Guru sends you an invoice for 10% of the total accommodation booking fee

This option provides a risk-free opportunity for property owners. You only pay when we generate bookings for your property.

Want more information?

Contact Leanne at to:

  • Obtain a property listing form to list your property/ies with Getaway Guru; or
  • To get more information about the services of Getaway Guru.

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