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Leanne Anderson

Hi I’m Leanne (aka the Getaway Guru). I’ve been travelling for as long as I can remember with my first trip being by boat for 6 weeks from Australia to Malaysia (less than 1 year old!) after my Dad was sent on an overseas military posting (actually that’s the last ‘cruise’ I went on!)

My passion for travel has continued to grow and I’ve been fortunate to:

  • Live as an expatriate in a number of countries including England and Malaysia;
  • Take an extended overseas working holiday for 3 ½ years with travel throughout the UK, Eastern and Western Europe and Africa;
  • Travel through Europe in a camper van for 6 months (loved the freedom!);
  • Travel for 6 months around eastern, central and northern Australia (in a panel van no less!) and
  • Continue taking regular overseas trips to keep exploring my two favourite countries – France & Italy.

In more recent years, I’ve been travelling with my children (who are now teenagers) and with my aging parents (who are still travelling in their late 70’s!).

I don’t want to brag but I’m sharing this because I want you to know that I’ve got the experience (and willingness) to help.

I’ve traveled to and spent time in France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Britain, Ireland, Wales, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Africa, India, Morocco, Prague, Hungary, Vietnam, Vanuatu, Fiji and many more I’ve forgotten to mention!

The Getaway Guru story

Well they say that solving a problem is a good way to start a business and Getaway Guru is the living embodiment of solving a problem.

In 2005 when I was planning a trip to France and looking for accommodation, I was drowning in internet searches and felt overwhelmed with choices (you know the feeling right?). It was then that I stumbled across an advertisement in a print magazine (Sydney’s Child of all places!) for an Australian owned cottage in France and was intrigued.

It was great being able to call Jenny (the owner) and talk through what we were looking for and what her house and the village where it was located was like. It was reassuring and easy! And so affordable. We booked and then thoroughly enjoyed our 2 week stay at Maison du Puits in Languedoc France. I was a convert!

It was such a positive experience that I began actively seeking Australian owned properties when planning my subsequent overseas trips and quickly realised that there was no one place to find all these Australian owned properties. And so was born the concept of Getaway Guru which launched in 2010 with 5 properties.

In 2012, due to growing demand and recognising the close relationships that exist between Australian and New Zealanders (and hey, I’m even married to a Kiwi!), Getaway Guru grew to include NZ owned holiday rentals in France and Italy also.

Getaway Guru now offers more than 100 properties for holiday rental with something for every style and budget whether you’re a couple or a group of 16!

What’s the Getaway Guru difference

In the busy and crowded online world of holiday rentals, Getaway Guru is a breath of fresh air. Yes, we’re ‘online’ but we differentiate ourselves by focusing on communication and the relationship between travellers and holiday rental owners. Yes, you’ll submit your enquiry online, but you’ll also be able to speak directly to the owners before you book and be reassured that you’re dealing with a ‘real’ person who has ‘real’ accommodation and, as a bonus, is more than happy to share their knowledge with you to help you have the trip of a lifetime.

And then there’s me – Leanne. I love the fact that I ‘know’ the owners and have even met many of them. I know they’re ‘real people’ too. No one can just list their property on Getaway Guru. I and the owner/s are in contact and exchange information and I personally list all the properties, photos and content. So no scammers here thanks!

I’ve stayed in a number of properties too and with all the travelling I’ve done over the years,  I’m also very happy to assist you with any aspect of your trip planning. I can even help you with your holiday rental search if you’d like!

So take a look. Spend some time. And even if you’re not jetting off somewhere soon, remember us and stop by. Or even better, sign up to our fortnightly newsletter and keep in touch (a little pop up will encourage you to sign up and I promise, no spam, ever!)

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